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April 26, 2015
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New Team Member Noah Venkatarangam

studio portrait of young indian guy in a dress shirt
studio black and white portrait of young indian guy in a shirt
studio portrait of young indian guy in a shirt

Please welcome our new team member Noah Venkatarangam.

Oh and Hi and thanks for visiting my Photography Smarts Blog.

Today we will be introduce Noah who comes to us from Ottawa Ontario but works regularly in Montreal.

New Team Member Noah  Venkatarangam.

Q: What do you do and where did you learn to do that?

A: Makeup! I have a background in illustration, and I have always gravitated to drawing and analyzing faces – the structure, the shading, the tones. I also have a background in music and some theatre – so I have been around makeup and its transformative qualities in one way or another all my life.

Q: What do you consider to be your highest achievement within your field, so far?

A: I made up the First Lady of Canada a couple of years ago for a magazine interview, which was a bit of a surreal experience.

Q: How did you end up being a professional Make-Up & Hair Stylist?

A: I was in a few productions in High School and managed to convince the teacher to let me conceptualize my own characters, and around that time, I started experimenting on friends and found that I was a natural because of my fine art skills. After High School, I took a short makeup certification program and began working here and there as a makeup salesperson in department stores. At the same time, I began to collaborate frequently with the genius photographer/stylist duo Joel and Justyna Bedford. Since then I have honed my skills working under such brands as Nars, Aveda, Dior, Smashbox and Stila and have built my private and bridal client list up from there.

Q: Walk me through your creative process.

A: I’m led by the direction the stylist and photographer are going in. Its nice to know who the model is going to be, but a lot of times we don’t find out until the day of the shoot, so we have to be ready for everything! There’s usually some reference point or mood directive that draws on movies, music, icons of the past, etc and I combine that with whatever information I am privy to regarding the target demographic, purpose of the image to be created, etc. In other instances, I am fortunate to get in on the ground floor, and help direct the look of the project. Sometimes I just have new products/colours I want to experiment with – it varies from job to job.

Q: What’s the most surprising thing about you, according to your social circles?

A: People know that I came into makeup because of having some stage background, but they’re surprised to discover that I am still an active musician. I have taken my classical voice and piano background and funnelled them into creating cinematic electronic pop music that I independently release and perform. My strong visual skills come into play there as well as I incorporate video projections, lighting and wardrobe into the performance pieces. ( and search for Noah – Wonderheart on itunes!)

Q: If I were to look under your bed, what would I find?

A: Burned mix CDs from High School that I refuse to discard.

Link to your site:

Instagram: facesbynoah

Music –

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Cody Caissie
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