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Finding out About Cody is like asking how do you make a Prada bag smile?

Cody Caissie is a commercial photographer with 8+ years experience. His expertise in still life photography, marketing imagery, food, portraiture, social media and blogging has made Caissie an asset to his clients.

Caissie not only lives for juxtapositions, he revels in them; goofy yet hardworking, an artist with the mind of a businessman, a young multitasking visionary who goes against the grain. Join Cody on InstagramGoogle+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Whether it’s to showcase the latest high fashion accessories Milan has to offer or to capture the raw innocence of a porcelain face ingénue for an edgy publication, Cody Caissie successfully dances a fine line between commercialism and editorial with every frame he captures.

Always standing out from the pack, Caissie has subtly emerged onto Montreal’s art scene as one of the city’s most promising high fashion and luxury item photographers.

You can contact Cody by using the form provided.

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