Studio Cody Caissie The Past

Where we came from:

Studio Cody Caissie has taken six evolutional steps towards growth, change and revaluation. It opened its doors in 2007 under the trade name Cody’s Photography. Photographer Cody Caissie was only in his second year at NBCCD at the time. This venture introduced the company to wedding and commercial portraiture.

In 2009, Cody Caissie partnered with a colleague and renamed Cody’s photography to Corco Media, introducing in turn the company to the concept of a production house. “We wanted to offer more than just photography. We connected with ad agencies and talent portals and began offering web services,” Cody Caissie.

In 2011, the company divided into two parts. Corco Media led way to Cody Caissie Studios while Cody’s Photography was rebranded as The companies were able to set apart their activities, namely its wedding and portrait sessions from its increasing advertising and fashion projects.

The next two years proved to be the most interesting. In 2012, the companies trademarked their legal names and thanks to an influx of projects, their images and logos were getting more exposure. At that point, Cody Caissie Studios simply became Cody Caissie, the photographer.

2013, the busiest year to date, introduced the companies’ to entrepreneurial clarity: building on social media outlets, reconnecting with clients, nurturing those relationships and making it clear that the company stood united.

Now, assembled under one umbrella, CaissiePhoto has fused with Cody Caissie / Cody Caissie Studios and is aptly known as Studio Cody Caissie, a one stop production house.

Where we are now:

Busy, very busy. Our current status reflects our love affair with social media and blogging.

Our primary focus for 2015 is on building the foundation blocks for

We are regrouping, rebranding and rethinking how we do business.

Our platform is designed and constructed from the ground up so that our visitors and clients can get the best online photo service.

Onward and up!

The Company Present

Where we are going:

Studio Cody Caissie’s mission statement describes its progress in a linear fashion.

It aims to hit full time achievement amongst its accounts. Its goal is to become a multicity studio with branches reaching across Canada.

Its primary focus is to be a household name and to set the industry standards for professional multimedia production houses.

Onward and up!