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April 22, 2013
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Portfolio review on Footwear Eyewear and Cosmetics


It’s a good time to do a Portfolio review on Footwear Eyewear and Cosmetics.

One thing I have learned from working at Beyond The Rack is how to photograph footwear, eyewear and cosmetics. Working at BTR, our Director of Photography Mr. Joshua Jones has taught a great deal about composition, light and creativity. One thing Jones said that stuck in my head, and I continue to repeat to my staff and colleagues is “we have the rare opportunity to photograph the same subject multiple times. This gives us the ability to make mistakes and learn from them quickly.”

I’m a product photographer because of this company but I will be honest; I hated shooting product when I was back in post-secondary at New Brunswick College of Craft & Design. I moved to Montréal to further my career in advertising and fashion photography. I would be as bold to say that I am doing what I set out to do.

Being a professional photographer is not about having the best gear or the best price in town. I feel it’s about how visual you are in the studio and on location for editorial shoots. I guess it comes down to how unique you are.

Visit my Still Life portfolio to see more.

This has been my Portfolio review on Footwear, Eyewear and Cosmetics.

Tell me, what do you love to photograph? If you do not take pictures, what kind of imagery do you connect with?

Cody Caissie
Cody Caissie
Based in Montreal Quebec, Cody Caissie is always standing out from the pack. Caissie has subtly emerged onto Montreal’s art scene as one of the city’s most promising high fashion and luxury item photographers.

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