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June 1, 2014
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Team Thanh Nguyen


On my team I have Thanh Nguyen and he is not only my web-developer but a personal friend. Mr. Nguyen has played a huge role in the development of my website and other online projects such as my custom built Client Management system which I will introduce on this blog at a later date.

Should you require professional web development, check out Thanh Nguyen Square Banner Designs website.

Below is a little information about Team Thanh Nguyen.

Basic intro (Who are you? What do you do?)

I’m web developer. I spend by time building websites and web applications for consumers and businesses. I also enjoy designing databases and creating search engines that will be as good as Google’s.

What do you consider to be your highest achievement within your field, so far?

The project I worked on that I am the most proud of is a payment system I developed for the company I worked at. It is all created using web programming and it’s been running for almost two years without a hitch!

How did you end up being a web developer?

I’ve always fiddled around with building websites on sites like homestead and geocities. But the breakthrough came when I went into computer science and learned how to integrate what I know from building web pages and more complex database programming. Gaining that knowledge lit a spark that’s pushed me into professional web programming ever since.

Walk me through your creative process.

Well, at first, I try to imagine how someone would use the website or application. Then I break it down into pieces, figure out how to make it work individually and then combine the pieces and make them work together. It’s always easier to tackle a huge wall by taking it apart one brick at a time.

What’s the most surprising thing about you, according to your social circles?

The fact that I can cook four different things at the same time and not burn anything. And, also, the fact that I can start a charcoal BBQ.

If I were to look under your bed, what would I find?

My iPad. The thing falls off the bed more times than I can care to count.

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