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March 10, 2013
Photoshoot in Downtown Montreal
March 24, 2013

Where to eat in the gay village of Montreal


Café Mardi Gras is Where to eat in the gay village of Montreal. Located at 1684 St-Catherine East is a newly opened restaurant that offers the unique southern taste of New Orleans. This is where to eat in the gay village of Montreal

Owned and operated by René Brunet, he brings a warm Cajun style of his hometown up to chilly Montréal.

Mr. Brunet commissioned Cody Caissie Studios to photograph their starting menu. This was my first time photographing food.

I wanted to do something unique and non-studio. I told Mr. Brunet to let me shoot inside the restaurant and he happily agreed. I used their dining table and the natural light that came in the front of the room. With one silver bounce reflector, I was able to create my first attempt at advertising food photography.

Where to eat in the gay village of Montreal

Check out their fan page and make a reservation if you want to know Where to eat in the gay village of Montreal

If you mention “Cody Caissie Studios referred you”, you get a free serving of hush puppies…they are my favorite.

Bon appétit!

Cody Caissie
Cody Caissie
Based in Montreal Quebec, Cody Caissie is always standing out from the pack. Caissie has subtly emerged onto Montreal’s art scene as one of the city’s most promising high fashion and luxury item photographers.

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